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The verdict is in!
Rapper, artist Afroman aka Joseph Edgar Foreman, has pled guilty to his assault on a female fan regarding an incident that happened during Mardi Gras in February.
The rapper was given a suspended six-month jail sentence and was fined $330 and the court ordered him to seek anger management and impulsive behavior counseling for his actions during his concert that night at Mardi Gras.

The incident was after someone else had been heckling Afroman during his concert and he was feeling frustration from it.
He says that he felt someone bump him and he assumed it was the heckler and he pushed or hit “him” back.
That’s when he knocked one of the two women who had been dancing on the stage at the time. The lady was hit in the face and was later diagnosed with a concussion from the blow to her face.
“We cannot untangle the circus that brought us to this moment, but [music venue] Kress Live did not live up to its legal obligations to provide adequate security for its entertainers and customers,” said Rufus Alldredge, the judge’s attorney told the Sun Herald.
The women did not file any lawsuits against Afroman, but they might file one against Kress Live. Their attorney Tim Holleman said, We’ve gotten information that they had some issues with their security, and that’s going to be a question for them.”