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Tis the season… For yummy snacks that is.
It started in August, but most of these snacks you have the luxury of having them until December.
Just so you know, there are goodies besides the Lattes or Cappuccinos that you can buy at Starbucks, there are seasonal snacks that you can find now or will be able to find within the next few months.
Yup, that right, the pumpkin spice is accompanied with a pecan pie flavored type goodie. So here it comes, you can find your Fall… that’s Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas feasting kind of thing.
Check out the list of 17 seasonal goodies:
1. Pecan Pie M & M’s
    – This treat is only available through Halloween.
2. Hostess Pumpkin Spice cupcakes
    – Starts selling Sept. 8th
3. Harvest Apple Cookie Dough
    – This one has apple pieces, cinnamon & an apple flavored filling
4. Frosted Mini Wheats Pumpkin Spice
    – Topped with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice & ginger
5. Pumpkin Pie Spice peanut butter whipped spread
6. Caramel Apple Swirl Bread from Pepperidge Farm
    – Has apple chunks, cinnamon and caramel flavor
7. 7-Eleven has Maple Flavored Bacon Jerky
    – It’s like Pancakes & Bacon and starts selling late Oct.
8. Hot Coca Cookie Dough
    – With Marshmallows and filing and coco. This is sold between Oct.- Dec.
9. Apple Pie flavored almonds
  – by Blue Diamond (Cinnamon flavored apples) Pumpkin and cherry pie
    only purchased on Amazon
10. Hostess Maple Glazed Mini Donuts “Donettes”
    – Maple glazed Vanilla donuts. Started selling Aug. 31
11. Peeps Pumpkin Spice
    – This one is Pumpkin spice flavored Marshmallow that is covered in sugar and dipped
        in white fudge
12. Pepperidge Farm Caramel Apple Pie Cookies
    – They are chewy and loaded with bits of apple, cinnamon and caramel
13. Pumpkin Pie flavored Chocolate covered almonds
    – Only purchased on Amazon
14. Special K Cereal has Apple Cinnamon Crunch
    – They also have Cinnamon pecan for their Fall flavors
15. Pumpkin Pie Pop Tart
    – Real nutmeg and cinnamon clove
16. Pumpkin Spice Milano Cookies
    – They also have Gingerman, Brown Butter Rum, Salted Carmel
17. 7-Eleven Butter Toffee Popcorn Cluster
    – Starts to sell in Oct.
Who’s down for trying out some seasonal snacks or breakfast?

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