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WWE’s Roman Reigns was interviewed and asked about his recent attack by a fan.
Remember, this attacked happened last weekend in British Columbia during his match with Bray Wyatt while in the ring.
It was at that match that a fan had a fake replica Money In the Bank briefcase that he used throw it into the ring attacking Roman Reigns.
Reigns said that, “I was confused at first. I thought Bray hit me in the head with the kendo stick. So immediately I was like, ‘Aww man.You’re about to get it, brother. Aww, you’re about to get your [butt] whooped,’ but then I looked down, and I could see the briefcase. So then I’m trying to piece this thing together.”

Reigns also said, “I’m a character and a sports entertainer and a wrestler, but i’m also a father and a husband and a provider. So for me that’s scary, because I’m just going out there to put on a good show and provide for my family and take care of my future, and if somebody takes that away from me… For what? For 10 seconds of Internet fame. That’s tough to deal with. That’s hard to process.”
Reigns lost in the MITB match cost him his world title change in WrestleMania…
Reigns is set to fight with former Shield member Dean Ambrose against Bray Wyatt and Harper at SummerSlam on August 23.