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Serena Williams doesn’t know it yet, but we’re already planning impending shopping trips and brunch dates with her…in our heads, of course. It’s kind of hard not to be intrigued by her. She’s smart, talented, she emits a crazy amount of cool, and once again she has stolen our hearts by slaying on the newest cover of New York Magazine. No wonder why rappers fight over her, and women everywhere are either jealous or in awe. You can count us in that latter category. Here are eight reasons why Serena Williams would be our ultimate girlfriend.

She Already Has Sisters

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She already has sisters that she’s close to, which means she probably has no issues when it comes to forging healthy bonds with other women.  She’s probably also good at sharing. Um, closet raid anyone?

She’s Inspirational 

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The girl is walking inspiration, even when she’s not trying. From her body, to her constant championships, to her entrepreneurial endeavors, to her charity work, she’d be the friend who always has a plan and knows how to make it happen for herself. That’s the friend you want to be like, because when it’s time to get advice, she’d probably be the one to dish it, and dish it well.

She Knows How To Have Fun 

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Have you browsed her Instagram lately? Just take a look and try not to fall in love with her goofiness.

She’s A Player, But She’s Also A Playa 

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Her talent in tennis is a given, but she’s good at bringing the boys to the yard too. She has been romantically linked to Drake (who up and got fine all of a sudden, but that’s another story), Common, Patrick Mourtaglou—and that’s just three fine ones. And fine ones tend to have fine friends. Yaaaasssss. And let us not forget that Drake and Common kinda had a little beef over her. Mmmhmm…we could definitely use some of that mojo.

You’d Never Skip The Gym Again 

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Not only would you probably start to adopt a better diet simply from her influence, but you’d probably tag along on those workout sessions too. It would be a win-win situation. She’d need to stay on her game for the game, and you’d benefit  because working out and eating well is good for you in general. And speaking of the gym, you’d never get bored. Serena loves to shake up her workouts!

She’s Always VIP

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If she’s in then you’re in. Being her girlfriend would probably mean you’re the automatic plus one to all the cool events. Um, yes!

She’s A Jetsetter

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Serena probably has more passport stamps than almost everyone, which means she’s worldly and interesting. Those are excellent qualities that make for great adventure and conversation. Girls trip anyone?

She’s Stylish 

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She knows how to stun off the court, but even when she’s playing, best believe her outfits are still color coordinated, or at least have some pizazz that sets her apart from the competition. Again, wouldn’t you love to raid that closet?


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