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It’s unbelievable how a WWE fan can make plans to throw a replica Money in the Bank briefcase at Roman Reigns during their live show in Victoria, British Columbia.
The fan even made a posting that was labeled “anonymous person” saying “TONIGHT IM GOING TO THROW THIS BRIEFCASE AT ROMAN REIGNS — CHECK THE NEWS TOMORROW” along with a picture of the replica briefcase with wording on it “Sasha Banks.”

It all happened during Roman’s match against Bray Wyatt when this fan decided to throw the replica briefcase into the ring hitting Roman in the back of his head.
The Canadian Press (via gave a synopsis of Victoria police spokesman Sgt. Bryan Edwards’ speaking regarding the incident:
“Edwards says other fans saw the briefcase — a replica of one used in WWE shows — and began changing for the man to throw the briefcase into the ring. 
The overzealous fan tossed the briefcase into the ring, citing wrestler Roman Reigns int he backed the head.
Edwards says that no one was hurt and no charges were laid after an apology was given by the fan. 
The 31-year-old male has been banned from any WWE wrestling shows in he future.”
Even though Roman was frustrated and stunned by being hit in the head, he was able to continue with his match against Bray Wyatt.
Check out the videos of the attack and see for yourself how the fan threw the briefcase at Roman’s head.
They say that having an “overzealous fan” getting involved with a WWE performance isn’t something uncommon and luckily, Roman Reigns will be ok, but it could have been worse.
Another incident that shows an attack was during a 2013, during a tour in South Africa. That’s right, it was than that Randy Orton was attacked by a fan while he was standing up on top of the ropes celebrating his match when a fan decided to come up from behind and attack him.
The video that was posted by another WWE fan clearly shows that attack of the fan. Thankfully, this fan was charged and fined for his attack on Randy Orton.