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'Born Again Virgin' Atlanta Premiere

Jenna is a 34-year-old up and coming blogger, who decides to become celibate when her body count starts to surpass her age. Her goal is to find more meaningful relationships instead of just giving it up for the sake of quick pleasure, and she uses her blog to document her journey in celibacy and dating.

However, Jenna’s still sexually active girlfriends think she’s nuts, and her sexy new neighbor Donovan, doesn’t make it easy for her either.

Speaking of Donovan, the episode opens with a steamy shower scene where Jenna and Donovan are engaging in a hot and heavy makeout session, close to going all the way, but…it’s just a dream. The dream was so good that after being woken up by her girl Kelly, she tries to go back to sleep to get it poppin’ again, but mission not accomplished.

Jenna thought she would be able to tell her girls about the frustrating dream, but she walked in on Tera explaining that she had sex in the building’s elevator because she’s an exhibitionist. Jenna then decides to join a celibacy support group instead.

Kelly gets a new annoying co-working, who is every stereotype you can imagine about annoying co-workers—talkative, overly friendly, and habitual line-stepper, and everything that will make a job hell.

Meanwhile, jobless Tera is forced to go to an actor’s workshop, because she needs to stop playing and get a job. If her skills as they are haven’t been working, then perhaps she needs some help. She discovers that that the classes are a lot more zany than she imagined.

Jenna visits her celibacy support group only to discover that she isn’t as hard up for sex as she thought, but it also isn’t the type of support group she thought. Everyone at that group except for her is an actual virgin, but she did at least get to bond with a woman named Angel, who seemed down-to-Earth despite the lack-of-sex-neurosis.

Eventually, Jenna starts to get used to her celibacy support group, and even invites them over to her house for a session. Her roommates barge in and reveal that Jenna isn’t a real virgin and her group deserts her with disdain, except for Angel. Angel confides in her that she’s 35, and horny as hell, and plans to have sex as soon as possible, if it was the last thing she ever does. Jenna tries to convince her otherwise, but she says it’s going to happen with or without her help. Jenna gives her a makeover, teaches her how to flirt, shows her how to put a condom on and sends her on her way.

Angel runs into Donovan on her way out…and you know what happens next.

The next morning, the newly deflowered former virgin thanks Jenna and tells her how amazing her first time was, and how good the man was and says that even though she had nothing to compare the experience to, she knew it was still above average. And then…Jenna questions who it is, and the bomb gets dropped.

Jenna does a good job of not appearing crushed, but we know it hurts. We end the episode with Jenna trying to delude herself that she and Donovan can just be friends.


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