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Even though the truth shall set us all free, so why don’t we use it more often? Many of us are so used to lying, we’ve created words and phrases with softer blows to describe it: little white lies, fibs, stretching the truth, withholding information .All of those rose-colored descriptors have one thing in common–they’re all lies.

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A KRC Research Poll has found that 90 percent of adults tell lies, especially when it comes to these four things:

1. Their Whereabouts: Believe a friend who says “I’m at xxx”? Think again. 35 percent of adults have lied about their whereabouts.



2. Their Preferences: Believe someone who says “I’d be fine with that”? Think again. 29 percent of adults have lied about their preferences.



3. Their Income: Believe that’s really the salary someone makes? Think again. 22 percent of adults have lied about how much $$$ they make.


4. Their Age:Believe the age an individual reports? Think again. 16 percent of adults have lied about how old they are.



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