When you start believing your own lies is when you become dangerous. So stop.

1. “We need to hang out again, it’s been too long!”   2. “I’m on my way”   3. “I thought I was following you already.”   4. “You’re the only person I’m talking to.”   5. Texting “LMAO” or “I’M SCREAMING” Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone 6. “I’m not […]

Look at the face Michael Phelps is making. That’s the “I know my friend is lying, but I’m going to see how this plays out” face. LOL! I’m a “tell the truth” kind of guy. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why US Olympian Ryan Lochte would just make a whole lie up. […]


JJ’s Midday Drama: DeeDee Caught Her Man in a Lie!  She wants to know whether she she confront him or just leave him alone! Do YOU have drama? DM my @jjonthemic on IG or MiddayDrama@Gmail.com

Via: Dailymail.co.uk Houston is among the top honest cities in America.  A survey by Honest Tea reviewed the honesty of Americans by providing unmanned racks of beverages for a dollar.  The honor system revealed those who paid or stole a bottle.  Houston is rated fifth in the nation.  The most honest place is Atlanta, Georgia, while the most dishonest is Providence, […]

  You know that moment you keep something from your parents because you fear their judgement of you. Can imagine when the world is watching and your reputation is at stake? Brandy apologizes for lying to Oprah- it seems that obscurity is the healthiest if lying about who you are warrants favor from others…

Since the NBA is in its off season, NBA veteran Kevin Garnett should be worried about staying ready for next season. However, Garnett is involved…

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Just when you think you finally understand the direction that this TLC story is going, L.A. Reid jumps on Twitter out of nowhere and tweets…

  Just when we thought DMX was on the right track to getting himself together, this happens. DMX’s bankruptcy case may be in jeopardy because…

Check out the new single from R. Kelly, When A Man Lies.

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