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Skripper Fight

We pick back up this week with Jessica Dime confronting Joseline at the studio. They start up again with the same stupid argument about whether they were actually friends or not back in Miami. Jessica claims that Joseline “drank from the fountain of Dime,” and eventually Joseline starts throwing money at her. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Basic Olympics. Anyway, they almost come to blows but security shuts that down swiftly. Because, you know, they signed waivers that they wouldn’t throw blows.

Later on in the episode, Stevie, who was waiting for Joseline the entire time she was acting a fool with Jessica Dime, has some good news. He tells Joseline that Diddy wants him to be a Hit Man again, and that some investors want he and Jos to do a movie. More on the movie stuff later. But as far as Stevie J being a hit man again, he actually did put out some good music back in the 90s (Faith Evans, 112, etc). Perhaps he could be a significant part of a Bad Boy music revival.


This Ish Again

Ashley Nicole invited Rasheeda to her showcase in an attempt to “butter her up,” so that she won’t get booted from the label. The show was terrible. Not only did Ashley Nicole lip synch, but she wore a bra and panties covered with a net catsuit. She basically served up old auntie in the dancehall vibes, and then had the nerve to try to shade Rashaeeda after she told her to do a better job of appearing like she wasn’t lip syching next time. By the way, Ashley Nicole’s song was a good song, but it would have been better if it was given to someone else to sing.

Eventually Ashley Nicole dropped the bomb that she was going on another promo tour. In what world does an artist with no real material do a promo tour? Anyway, Rasheeda confronted Kirk about once again not telling her about this, and he copped some simple plea, as usual, claiming that Rasheeda needed to trust him.

Erica, who was with Rasheeda for backup, put it in Ra’s mind that Kirk may be up to no good. Even if Kirk isn’t actually cheating on Rasheeda this time, his behavior toward her since last season has been the worst. At this point, I really hope this storyline is fake, because, like…Rasheeda, girl, you ain’t over this yet?

Open Mic Night

Jessica Dime links up with Karlie Redd and Margeaux at an open mic where she performs because she claims Mimi hasn’t done anything for her as a manager. They sat around and gossiped about Mimi, and about the Jessica Dime/Joseline sexgate situation for most of the scene, and Karlie Redd even reveals that she’s starting a record label. Girl, whet? Yes. Those words came out of her mouth. She can’t even get her own music career off the ground and wants to… never mind.

Never Forget.

Jessica performed her song, and not surprisingly it was basic (the typical stuff about being a CEO, and better than everyone, yatta yatta). If you didn’t realize it before, this is when you really understand how entitled Jessica Dime feels for no reason. There have been worse rappers, but these days, all you need is a hot track a stupid repetitive hook and in Jessica Dime’s case, a look. She has the look, but she still needs the rest and it’s clear that she wants to run before she can even crawl. Perhaps offending Jazze Pha wasn’t the best idea.

Margeaux gets put on the spot and performs a song as well. She was actually good and not surprisingly, her sound seems to lean toward electronic or experimental.

La La Land

Stevie and Joseline meet up with their investors in LA to discuss the movie deal. Not only is it going to happen, but Stevie J will have total control. This means that the J’s will be moving to LA. For the love of Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Yaweh and Isis, please do not give them a spin off show, or at the very least, leave them off of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood.

Now back to that movie, the soundtrack might be aight, but the movie quality… I don’t know. I’m conjuring images from Bowfinger along the lines of “Chubby Rain” realness.

The Episode Finale Cliffhanger

The episode ends when Rasheeda’s “women’s intuition” urges her to call the hotel where and Ashley Nicole and Kirk are staying on the “promo tour.” Guess who picks up the phone? Yup.

So, Rasheeda gets decked out in come comfortable clothes, snatches up Erica, and prepares to bring the Ruckus.

And in Love and Hip-Hop New York News…

Yup, Remy Ma (and probably Papoose too) are officially new cast members. I want them to have their own show, though.


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