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The latest thing in New York looks like beer, but it’s 100% coffee.
This latest hit was to one-up the competition. The people who own the Portland-based coffee roaster Stumpton in New York City have taken a new angle on brewing their coffee.
What’s this new look, the style?
The coffee comes out of a nitrogen tap with the bubbly and frothy look of a nice cold beer to capture your eyes. The sight of your cold coffee looks like a nice big glass of a nice Guinness… it’s more smooth and richer than the average cup of coffee.

“Everyone serves cold brew,” says the manager at Filtered in NYC. It’s a new uptown coffees hop that’s using the nitrogen tap.
Diane Aylsworth, the director of the Stumptown said, “If you think about the way latte art has increased the popularity of espresso, the nurture cascade gives you the same type of visual experience.”
This new way of cold coffee can be served like a good soda, on ice or straight up… out of the tap.
The looks and the taste of nitrogen gassed cold coffee has an extra creamy experience.
They asked clientele and one lady said, “The first time I tried it, it gave me more of a boost.”
Who wouldn’t need that?
H-town, catch up with NYC… get cold coffee on tap.

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