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I see you in the gym. You’re hitting the weights, eating right and asking questions. I see you sweating, hoping and hurting. Some of you’re looking for the perfect summer body, others are just trying to find their way to health. It’s nearly summer: Prime Time for the weight and fitness grind! It’s when amazing physiques are forged and those in unhealthy lifestyles tend to make the biggest steps toward one that doesn’t end in a self-inflicted blow. I see you in the gym, and what I see inspires me. As the captain, provost and president of Team No Sleep I have a lot on my plate. Early mornings and late nights in the radio game can take their toll if you let it. Like any career, success sometimes comes at the detriment to other facets of your life — if you let it. I’m about making things happen, however, not waiting for things happen to me! I see you, how hard you’re working, and I’m inspired. So, it is time to up my routine to another level — get hard, get lean and make sure I continue to inspire you all as much as you do me. I’ve got my @SqueezedOnline cleanse, the hustle of 10 men and the heart of a lion. I’m looking for a trainer that has the knowledge, belief, love and motivation to take my body somewhere it hasn’t been before and perhaps their career with it. Are you the best personal trainer in Houston? Do you have the skill, knowledge and facilities to help push my body to the next level? If you do let me know what you can do for me and what separates you from the rest. If you can make me my best. I will commit to help making you your best. So, here is your chance Houston. Make me your billboard, a testament to your prowess as a fitness guru. I provide the drive. You provide the guidance and knowledge. Together we might conquer the world!

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