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A 23-year-old Defensive Lineman at the Minnesota State University appeared on The Price is Right with a few of his teammates over Spring Break.
Jeffrey who is a senior at the university, was Spring Breaking with his three buddies when they decided to hit up The Price Is Right game show for some fun.

Jeffery had some luck on his side because he was one of the few people were were called on down to be the next contestant… Jeffrey bid to make it on stage with Drew Carey was $1. That $1 bid won him that chance to the big stage too.’J
Jeffrey’s game was the Range Game. The game is when you try to get the price in between a group of prices to win the prize… Jeffrey lost this game.
He said, “It’s fun. It was a good time. It was an awesome time with the guys I went with and just a fun, great experience.”
Even though he lost his individual game, it still landed Jeffrey a chance to spin the wheel… more luck because he made it to the showcase.
Jeffrey ended up winning his showcase after bidding…. “Let’s go 22 strong on this, $22,000.”
His bid was reference his teammate who was almost beat to death last year one night out, Isaac Kolstad.
After Jeffrey won his showcase of a trip to Paris and New York and a kitchen set, the all the guys celebrated.
Watch the vid and see the guys being happy and silly.