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Woman making heart shape with hands around belly button, close-up

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The question is, “Why should #DadBod get all the attention?” It’s recently hit a trend, #DadBod and Jimmy Fallon even did a pros and cons about having a Dad Bod too.
During his show, Fallon says, “It’s a new trend out there now describing guys who workout once in a while but are still out of shape because they like to drink beer and eat pizza. Apparently lots of women are in to this.”
So with that, the newest trend to hit the web this month is going to be #MOMBOD!

Women are supposed to hit up the web proudly showing off their tummies. They’re supposed to hit social media, Twitter and Instagram showing you their “Glorious folds, scars and rounded tummies” while using the hashtag, #MomBod.These are the women who brought you into this world…
Here are some of the Tweets that were posted too…
Valerie Darling @msvaldarling said, “Waiting for #mombod to start trending. Can’t wait until the media tells me I can start loving my body now, the way it is.”
Rachel Hopmayer @rmhopmayer said, “Ain’t supporting a #dadbod until there is an equal craze over #MOMBOD bc men cannot glorify beer bellies and demand trophy wives.”
Those were the posts without pics, other women have posted on IG and put their pics up using the hashtag.
Go for it, post your mommy bod’s and let the world know you’re proud.