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Julia Vins is an 18-year-old Russian powerlifter that has the face of a doll. You see her face and than you se her wide shoulders and ripped arms and you can’t believe that it’s the same person.
Julia who can deadlift 400 lbs said, “People know me as ‘Muscle Barbie’. I like this comparison. It’s nice. I have these big, beautiful eyes and wear make-up. But at the same time, I’m strong.”

She started her transformation to at 15-years-old from her slender body to her now ripped body. She said that what prompted her new look was the way people viewed her because of her pretty face.
“Because of my facial features, people have always said I look like a doll. And I was a good academic girl for some any years. I studied music, was well-read, participated in various school competitions and was skilled at art, but I never felt like I had any particular objective in life. My body was not in harmony with my soul — it wasn’t the right one for me.”
“I had no interest in sport but I was lost. I thought I might see if I could build some strength and confidence y weight gaining at the gym, she said, I started copying exercises that the male gym-goers did. It di not make me strong but then I started powerlifting. I loved it! I knew then hat my goal was – to build muscle.”
A year later, she than teamed up with a coach who would train her four times a week and helped her with her eating habits so that her eating would help her reach that goal she wanted.
She says on IG she has close to 23,000 followers and that not all of those followers are positive to her looks. It didn’t matter to her, she says that her training “made me strong – both physically and mentally.” She also said that she realized that these negative people are jealous of her.
Check her out and tells us what you think.

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