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In Sumner County, Tennessee, an 18 year old girl was looking to sell her Junior-prom dress on a Facebook in order to purchase a Senior prom dress.
The sell post took a turn that she wasn’t expecting when a few men decided to bully Kristen Lane.
The men made it a point to tell her that she was fat and that she was not beautiful… Kristen said, “The comments made me feel horrible about myself. But the bullies aren’t my concern right now.”

It was something that Kristen seemed to handle well because she told them, “Can you please stop with the comments? Sorry that I’m not pleasing to your eye.” That wasn’t it, her dad told WSMV-TV, “I didn’t understand why people who didn’t even know her lashed out at her.”
Aside for trying to stick up for herself, she received a large number of s supporters to her sell posting. It took about ten minutes and there were “hundreds” of people defending her against the bullies. The people were calling her “stunning”, “beautiful on the inside and out”…
Yeah, Kristen said, The uplifting comments made me fee so much better about myself.” She admitted that hearing such comments about herself aren’t something she ever hears too so it was more special.
Kristen had sent up a Go Fund Me page to purchase a new prom dress.
The goal was to raised about $350, but a lot of people too her story and donated way over her goal amount. As of today, Kristen’s Go Fund Me page has almost $6,500. Kristen has decided to pay it forward with her Go Fund Me money; Kristen bought some “dresses of their dreams” for a few friends who would never be able to afford them. She also donated the dress she originally wanted to sell to another classmate who couldn’t afford a dress.
Her Prom was April 18th and on her Go Fund Me page, she indicated that she can no longer accept friend requests, but her Facebook is not private. You can see her new prom dress that she wore.