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There has been an official crackdown campaign regarding China funeral entertainment, aka STRIPPERS! These shows have become popular in some rural areas…
The Ministry of Culture said in a statement that they want to “tighten” their control over that area where they’re having “erotic dancers” at a funeral services.

The reason for the erotic dancers is to gain more in attendance… more mourners. In the past, the funeral was traditionally an opera and later followed by a movie viewing.
This is a village of migrant workers… they funerals are a gathering of village.
One time, the ministry cited the person responsible for the funeral for “corrupting the social atmosphere” and fined them and detained them for about two weeks. It was a funeral service with six performers offering erotic dances and a “lewd show by three performers.”
“Such illegal operations have disrupted local entertainment markets and corrupted social mores,” the ministry said.
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