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Today, 4/20 marks the 20th anniversary of the famous “Friday” movie and everyone knows that 4/20 is the evert cannabis’ celebration day too!
Well, Ice Cube talks about the famous “stoners” movie and he says that there are still specific lines that people still recite… “I mean, Bye Felicia” and “Just, Bye Felicia.”

There is even a basketball player named Zach Randolph and he’s been given a nickname, “Z-Bo” like D-Bo from the movie. D-Bo was the villain bully who everyone was scared of.
When he’s on his game, Z-Bo is like D-Bo… a bully.
Today, you can see Friday in the movie theaters around town for their 20th on the 20th.
Cube spoke on the movies soundtrack and said, “I remember picking these songs and thinking, No one’s used ‘Mary Jane’ by Rick James in a movie? This is going to be perfect. You usually don’t get the Isley Brothers and a fresh Dr. Dre song. It was a really special labor of love.”
Cube said that the soundtrack hit #1 on the Billboard charts when released and “will receive a 20th anniversary vinyl reissue.”
Who’s going to go watch “Friday” in the theater for their 20th anniversary?