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Beautiful blonde toddler makes 'Speak no Evil' sign

Source: Don Bayley / Getty

In 2014, a Hampshire, England, 5-year-old boy was celebrating his birthday. It was during his birthday party that he was surprised by a visit from Spiderman or you could say #SpiderDad.
Little Jayden, was battling a grade four brain-stem tumor and his father, Mike Wilson, wanted his son to have a good day so he dressed like Spiderman… esp since the Drs told Jayden’s parents, that the “average” survival rate for grade four cancer was about a year.

Jayden’s SpiderDad was attending little Jayden’s birthday bash when he said he has to go to the store to pick something up. It was than that Wilson snuck out to get dressed as Spiderman and climb up top the family’s roof.
The replica costume wasn’t a simple buy it out of the store costume, no, Wilson had this one made to fit… made to look like the real thing.
Wilson said, that it was and incredible surprise and the best gift that he could give their child.
Watch the video of little Jayden surprised by SpiderMan!
Unfortunately, Jayden lost his battle with cancer Dec. 2014, but you can check Hope for Jayden’s Facebook page out and his pics.