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Who watched this years Oscars?
You might remember Terrence Howard’s part during the Oscars where he’s introducing Whiplash, but it looked like he was having problems when he was at the mic.
The other day Terrence was on Jimmy Fallon when the Oscar topic came up. You see The Roots, Questlove laughing when they started talking because he was at the Oscars too and Terrence yells,
“I was looking for you, where were you!!”
Terrence admitted that he had told his wife that he wasn’t going to read the teleprompter and that he vowed to her that he was going to memorize his lines and recite them on stage.
“First and foremost, I forgot to wear a belt that day, Terrence started with his Oscar story.
Fallon made some joking gestures and they both were laughing. Terrence started joking about his pants and said, “so I’m pulling it up. It’s ok, my stomach would hold it up.” ha ha
Terrence said, “I got this memorized, I’ve been working 18 hours to work this out. I’m about to kill, I’m about to kill it. And I get out there, there’s Oprah, Hi Oprah.”
Later, Fallon said, “If you don’t mind, I have the video” and Terrence is yelling, “no, no, no, no, I choked!”
In the end of the interview, they joked about the mic noise and Terrence said, “I hit the microphone, maybe nobody noticed.”
Check out his funny interview.

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