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Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant has been in the media all week long following rumors of his involvement in a violent Ray Rice-type altercation with a female.

One source told sports gossip blog Terez Owens that he or she has seen a damning video tape of the 2012 incident saying, “it’s five times worse than the Ray Rice Video.”

The Cowboys wide receiver has taken to Twitter to address the allegations, saying he might do an exclusive interview to clear the air.

Dez wrote:

Just quit with the b.s. It’s clear as day what’s going on. I might need to do an exclusive interview about my life these past 5 years since the world is destined to know. I used to let people take advantage of my life now that I’m no longer allowing that to happen it seems to be a problem. I’ not ashamed of none of my past incidents because that’s what made me who I am today.

Now, TMZ is reporting that the woman who was allegedly assaulted by Dez Bryant is none other than his mother.

TMZ obtained a video of Dez’s mother giving her account of what happened:

Bryant’s mother Angela describes a heated exchange between herself and Dez — which started when Dez “was trying to fight my brother.”


Angela says she tried to stop Dez — and warned him that he was going to get in trouble with the Dallas Cowboys — but she claims he only got angrier and turned the rage on her.


After allegedly grabbing her, smacking her with his baseball cap and tearing her shirt … Angela says Dez “started talking about how he’s going to knock me out.”

The cops didn’t see any blood or bruises on Angela, but the 26-year-old was arrested for assault following the event. The charge was eventually dropped when Dez cut a deal with prosecutors. According to Angela, she and her son are back on good terms.


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