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Dez Bryant is waiting to be resigned a new deal with the Dallas Cowboys and probably making him a “Cowboy for Life”. The question is why are the Cowboys waiting to resign Bryant?
If Byrant isn’t resigned by March 2nd than the franchise tag can be used on him to keep him from becoming a free-agent. The franchise tag can be a step closer for Bryant to become a “Cowboy for Life”, but that has to be done before July 15th.

Bryant isn’t to pleased with the tag, but if it’s not done by the deadline, the $12.8 million tag lasts for a year and that would allow Bryant “less security and negativity impacting the Dallas cap.”
Jones says the club hasn’t recently negotiated with Tom Condon, Bryant’s agent, but Jones said, “I can tell you, I’m not that excited about the franchise tag with Dez simply because I’d like to have our agreement and our business in place for long time to come with Dez.”
The other issue is that supposedly there is an incriminating video of Bryant doing something bad. This video is said to be the real reason that the Cowboys have not done the “Cowboy for Life” deal with Bryant yet.
Stephen Jones denies any knowledge of this incriminating video. Jerry Jones said, “Right now, as to our basic approach to all of the contracts that we’re considering negotiating, off-the-field issues are not a consideration in any situation with any player.”
What’s next for Dez Bryant?