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All of this violent nonsense in the world has got to stop! Killing and physically harming someone does not solve any problems. There was a bar fight in Philadelphia early Wednesday morning that two of Nicki Minaj’s team members were involved in; one died and the other is in critical condition. The incident is believed by witnesses to have stemmed from an argument over an employee who was recently fired.

Nicki Minaj’s squad were also close to Fabolous. Here’s the comment Fab posted on instagram:

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 2.17.09 PMMy heart is heavy rightnow… God opened my eyes this morning at 9:49am. For some reason at that time I woke up thinking about both of these guys. They both work with me, but I couldn’t figure out why they were in my mind at 1st wake up. Wasn’t sure if I had a dream & they were in it or just some wake up & process things type shit.. But at 10:04 my brother hit me & told me that they both were fatally stabbed in Philly last night. My friend @daydaydoesdis (left) died & my friend Eric Parker is in critical condition in the hospital fighting for his life. I am still in shock & don’t want to believe this. And it hurts even more knowing how good these two dudes are. How hard these guys work. And how loyal they are to whoever they are down with & each other. Please send Eric Parker your blessings & a prayer for him to pull thru. And RIP to the fallen soldier Day Day. I can’t even believe I’m saying that with your name attached to it. & I HATE this being a post!! I will miss your energy, your vibe, & you but I’ll hold on to your spirit!! 🙏 #RIPDayDay #PrayForEricParkerLateNightHype


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