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As the story of an R&B trio’s bumpy rise to fame makes its way to the silver screen with the remake of the 1976 film Sparkle (in theaters August 17th), we got to thinking about other girl groups whose juicy shenanigans and successes would also make riveting big screen adaptations.

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Here are five quintessential groups whose stories we’d buy tickets to see on the big screen right away.

5. )Xscape: There has to be more to Xscape’s legacy than The Real Housewives of Atlanta and T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle. There just has to be.This is a group that had ladies in the ‘90s trying to cop a pair of baggy jeans, their killer tunes and just kick it.  Now they’re relegated to small screen catfights and dodging arrest reports (with the exception of sisters LaTocha and Tamika Scott’s humble solo efforts). But a biopic could replenish their reputation and remind us of their greatness. Let’s get on this, Hollywood.

4) Total: You probably won’t find them on reality TV. They’re not known for spectacular wardrobe malfunctions, wild antics or DUIs. Total is much more than that. This trio first burst onto the scene contributing the infectious hook on Biggie’s classic track, “Juicy.” But even after they broke out with their own string of hits like “Trippin’,” they sank into a hip hop hole never to be heard of again. We know they’re still around, and that they’ve got a story to tell. It’s time we’ve heard it.

3) Salt N’ Pepa: When’s the last we had a good biopic based on the life of a rap star? One of the pioneers of female rap groups that endured sexism in the male-dominated industry deserves to become a great film. It could show how they made it to the top and answer other burning questions—like how Salt found the Lord (and overcame bulimia), what really happened between Pepa and Treach, and if they’ll ever get a real comeback.

1) En Vogue: They had the throwback sound, elegant looks, and chart-topping hits that many groups today would kill for. But that was also met with a number of setbacks. Between business squabbles, shuffling group members, and countless failed reunions, En Vogue’s story is filled with both successes and challenges. We shouldn’t have to see it all unfold on a lame reality show. Just saying.

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