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Lions players laugh at Cowboys controversial loss

Last week, it was the Lions fan base that was outraged by poor officiating that they believe may have cost their favorite team the game. On Sunday afternoon, it was the Dallas Cowboys’ turn to feel that pain.

On a crucial fourth down, Dez Bryant elevated and caught the ball over a Packers defender before falling to the turf and losing possession.

It was a controversial call that left a bad taste in many mouths, but the Detroit Lions players were at home laughing at the Cowboys’ pain.

Numerous members of the Detroit Lions organization took to Twitter to discuss karma and Kermit sipping tea.

Man arraigned in fatal shooting of 15-year-old outside Detroit dollar store

15-year-old Marcus Hill was shot in the head in a Family Dollar parking lot in Detroit Wednesday and Saturday, the man accused of shooting him was arraigned in front of a judge.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s office has charged Anthony Baldwin, 18, with open murder, gang membership, and carrying a concealed weapon and felony firearm.

It is alleged that the victim and the suspect exchanged words and pulled out guns on each other. It was then that Baldwin fatally shot Hill in the head.

A clerk inside the west side store at Joy Road and Evergreen heard the shot and called 911.

“He and his friend [were] in here, standing in here like they were waiting on a bus,” says the clerk, who declined to reveal her identity. “He stepped outside, we heard shots and then I looked out and he was laying on the ground.”

The store employee called 911 for help. Police say they arrived to find the teen shot in the head.

“He went in the Family Dollar, bought some gloves, came outside and we’re not sure what transpired from there but he ended up getting shot right over here on the corner,” says Capt. Steve Walton.

Walton says family members and others from the neighborhood gathered at the scene, distraught over the shooting.

A short time later police say they found the suspect nearby.

“Officers and detectives tracked a person about a block over. They found him with a gun in his possession, so we do have that person under arrest,” Walton says. “We’re not clear how he figures into this, but we think he might be involved somehow.”

Hill was taken to the hospital for treatment. We learned early Thursday morning the Hill died from his injuries.

Volunteers canvass neighborhood in search for clues in Christina Samuel’s death

More than 20 volunteers canvassed Detroit’s east side Sunday spreading information and awareness to two recent tragic murders that have occurred that have taken two young, promising lives.


Written by LBeasley (Lauren Beasley), Digital Producer of The Morning Heat and Sports Editor of Radio One Detroit

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