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Last year, Toni Fox business, 3D Cannabis, made $3.6 Million in 2014.
When pot became legal in 2014, Toni could only afford five people to work for her, but after a year of selling legal marijuana, Toni now has forty people on her payroll.
Before legalized Marijuana, Toni was selling only medical marijuana and her sells would sometimes only total $1,000.
Since Jan. 2014, Toni’s sales $10,000 worth of pot to maybe 170 customers a day.
Toni said that she was only equipped with the marijuana plants that she could grow herself and there were days that they were turning customers away because they did not have enough to sale.

Since sales have been good, Toni invested $1 million into a 20,000 sq foot building where she now is able to grow about 35,000 marijuana plants.
This helped her produce about 70 lbs of marijuana a month.
Despite her revenue, Toni says that she’s spent a lot of money on a various of things such as rent, taxes and licenses.
Since marijuana sales is not legal under federal laws, Toni cannot write off a lot of things like other small business owners can.
The sales of weed has dropped too and that price is said to drop again in 2015 too.

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