In Pennsylvania, a Monroeville teen used his money that he received at his Bar Mitzvah to help someone fighting a brain tumor.
A 13 year old named Jesse Kaufman reached out to another 13 year old named Jasmine Boden who is also from his home town a few years ago when he wrote to her and sent her $20 after reading about her brain tumor in a local newspaper.
Jasmine was originally diagnosed with a rare cancerous brain cancer called Chordoma at the age of 9 years old and Kaufman told his mom that he thought that she was so brave.
A year after learning about Jasmine, the two ended up being in the same class in school and since Jasmine never responded to his letter, Kaufman walked up to Jasmine and said, “You’re Jasmine! I think you’re a hero.” After that, the kids became friends.
In August, Kaufman had his Bar Mitzvah and Kaufman said, “I knew I would get money in the future and to me it feels more good giving someone something instead of receiving something.” Kaufman earned $4,800 at his Bar Mitzvah and his parents pitched in the rest to make it an even $5,000 and than they donated all of it to Jasmine’s medical expenses and travel expenses to the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston for her treatments.
Jasmine said, “I want to thank everyone for helping me, praying for me, [and being] there for me since I was 9 in that hospital.”
Kauman isn’t just giving money to help Jasmine out, he’s also trying to raise money for her too. He has a gofundme and an e-mail for donations. These both are easy to remember, they’re both called myherojazzy. The e-mail is and the gofundme site

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