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Protests against police brutality against civilians seemed to be fueled by social media.

Americans across the nation hit the streets to vocalize their strong opinions regarding they system’s decision in the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

On Wednesday, hundreds of people crowded in New York’s Time Square and Rockefeller Center. Together they protested against the decision to not indict the police officer who wrestled Eric Garner to the floor in a choke hold, which resulted in Garner’s death.

The most recent outcry immediately translated over to social media sites with hashtags such as #EricGarner, #ICantBreathe and #BlackLivesMatter. Pictures and short videos shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram told stories of what was going on at the protest scenes.

“A number of pages of Facebook and Tumblr popped up calling for protests at sites in cities around the country, from Westlake Center mall in Seattle to the Underground Atlanta shopping center…,” said Houston Chronicle in report.

Audiences browsing through their social media during the uproars could get a feel of certain view points regarding the national issues. Some were even persuaded to join protests because of the ideas and views shared by their peers.

There is no doubt social media coverage on national issues is impacting and influencing Americans.

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