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In no way do I condone violence against women!!! I think any man who hits a woman UNPROVOKED, is a coward. But there are extreme cases, where sometimes your reaction over takes common sense. In many households, your parents teach you to defend yourself. Boy, Girl, Dog, etc… If they are bold enough to attack you, they should be bold enough to handle the consequences. I don’t like when men get the bad end of a bad situation. Let’s go to the proper way to handle a situation where a woman attacks you.

Jay Z vs Solonge Elevator Attack

But we know everyone won’t handle situations like Jay Z. And we live in an era where the internet can make people and events last forever. I had honestly forgot about the bus driver incident. (Until I saw the “8 Ball” jacket in full effect) Ladies, keep your hands to yourself. We often drag these mens image thru the mud. But ladies have to use restraint as well. Which of these ladies handled this situation worst? Bus Lady or Subway Lady???

8 Ball Jacket vs Subway Lady

Bus Driver vs Bus Lady

(I did notice Subway Lady had hella back up & she knocked down the phone multiple times. She was more out of pocket to me. Just FYI)

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