I won’t say I never FaceTime and drive. Every morning  I record my kids trip to school with a camera. But this guy is tripping.  The worse part… HE’S NOT EVEN ON AN IPHONE!!! LMAO! (Jokes. But he’s tripping.) I know whoever he drives for can’t be happy about this video leaking. Follow Us On […]

Black bus driver endured slurs at Brooklyn Jewish school, suit says — Newsweek (@Newsweek) June 2, 2015 A federal lawsuit alleges that a…

He makes some of the livest current event freestyles ever. He will be hosting the Ford Stage Saturday Nov 22nd at the Los Magnificos Custom Car-Bike Show and Concert. I’m talking about none other than H-Town’s own resident rapper/producer/comedian Beat King. He stopped by the Madd Hatta Morning Show to explain how his life has […]

In no way do I condone violence against women!!! I think any man who hits a woman UNPROVOKED, is a coward. But there are extreme cases, where sometimes your reaction over takes common sense. In many households, your parents teach you to defend yourself. Boy, Girl, Dog, etc… If they are bold enough to attack […]

Kevin Hart’s star power continues to shine.  Last week, the comedian was traveling through LAX (L.A. airport) when a National Car rental bus driver stopped in the middle of the terminal to get a selfie of herself and the famous comedian. Genesha Bradley-Douglas left passengers in the bus for less than 2 minutes for the […]

Recently a Detroit bus passenger got angry when her bus card got stuck in the scanner, so she proceeds to yell and eventually spit on the bus driver reports say. Whatever they teach at bus driver school about keeping a cool head in all situations went straight out the bus window.  This driver takes things […]

A bus driver gives an uncontrollable female passenger an upper cut out of this world!

According to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, a passenger bus headed from Houston to Chicago was stopped on Highway 59 North in Splendora for some…


Texting & driving is not a safe hobby. Especially not for a public servant. Check out the worst bus driver ever! Please stay off those phones while driving this Cinco De Mayo weekend!!!