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What do you take into consideration when you are a guest at a hotel?
You’re first thoughts should be a peaceful stay in a bed that isn’t “home”… and there is always that thought that the housekeeping might steal from you.
 Of course, you hope that doesn’t happen… that you can still have faith in people.
Well, there is a man who uploaded a vid that was recorded from his hotel room via his laptop on Nov. 5th.

Why he recorded it isn’t clear, but it’s a good thing that he recorded it and that he shared it by uploading it to YouTube too.
The vid shows the hotel maid walking into this man’s room and before she even considers replacing his glasses, making the bed or even emptying his trash, the maid decides she has to rummage through the guest’s personal items.
The man added captions to everything the maid touches and all that she feels she wants to explore.
The maid goes through his suitcase and she tries to access and use his tablet and she even tries to use the same laptop that is recording her.
Of course when all her attempts failed, she decides to make the bed and “clean-up” a little.
People have criticized his vid saying there was nothing wrong with the maid’s “curiosity”.
What does everyone think?
Tell us how you feel…