Kent State University has an animated defensive tackle this year.
Their 295 lb DT is named Jon Cunningham and he is a freshman.
Today’s hottest buzz isn’t about the game the KSU game played against The Golden Flashes, no it’s about their DT Cunningham.
ha ha.
Yes, Cunningham appears to be really pumped up for their game… you need to watch the vine to really understand what the hype is about.
It looks like he is yelling, “Heyy! Hey! Heyy! Let’s go, let’s go!” while he’s shaking his head around like. The headlines are saying demons in his head or that maybe he’s changing into a werewolf.
Either way, it looks like he should be yelling “Turned Down for What!” ha ha!
Unfortunately, Cunningham’s tactics didn’t completely work because Kent State fail to the Golden Flashes 30-20, making Kent States record 1-8 for the season.

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