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FEAR: Throw it away! I’m learning that fear is the one thing that kills us the easiest; not physically…but emotionally. It’s been said that Fear is the EXACT opposite of Love. So from now on, I will practice asking myself if I’m making choices in my relationships and friendships based off of fear…or based off of love.

Are you checking up on someone because you’re afraid they are with someone else? Or are you checking up on them because you really love them and wanna know what they’re up to.


Are you telling your best friends you miss them because you’re afraid that they are gonna leave…or because YOU REALLY DO wish you were spending time with them?

When we let go of fear, we let go of negative energies that take over our personal lives. LET IT GO and be a witness of what real love feels like.


Spend the night with me Monday-Thursday 11pm-2am and spread the word on social media!


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