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IYANLA, FIX MY LIFE!!! It’s Amir Diamond and I am a little freaked out after attending Oprah’s “Life You Want” Houston Tour over the weekend. The Big O made us wear these clear wristbands that changed colors (based off of things Ms. Winfrey said in her speech). If she said SUN, the bands turned yellow. If she said FIRE, they would turn red! Just….watch this video for yourself…LOL

All jokes aside, I had a great time being in the same room as an Oprah-naire. I can’t even call her a millionaire or a billionaire anymore; her money is on a whole other level! I learned that in order to get the life I want, I may wanna listen to my intuition, do everything with intention and remember that Karma aaaaalways comes back. So in THAT case….let’s pretend that this joke about the Illuminati never happened lol

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Here’s another video from Oprah’s Life You Want Tour that went down at the Houston Toyota Center on Friday.


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