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There are artist in this industry, no matter the genre, that feel like they are not getting their just-do. In some cases, it is political, and in some cases it’s not. There are some possibilities that may result in you not getting an opportunity, like burning bridges, them not being interested in your artist, etc. If these situations are not the case, then there are times where you have to step back and evaluate what are you doing/or not doing to get their attention.

What I tell artist and managers all the time is “Hey Just Force Their Hand”. Make them play the cards you need them to play. If you’re not getting the right opportunities you feel you deserve, you have 2 options in no particular order: 1. Give Up trying. Just move on to something else. 2. Try harder, and do more to give them a reason. Sometimes you may not be taken serious, until you’ve developed a strong buzz. When you’ve covered all bases, and have got a strong fanbase, you force their hand. Sometimes their bosses will ask them, “Hey why are we not playing this guy, or why haven’t we booked this guy, or why haven’t we posted his music on our site/blog, or an interview.

At that point you have successfully done your job at forcing their hand. Familiarity is an important component in this business. Sometimes what you’re doing may be a lot to you, but still not enough. It all boils down to the alternate phrase I use “Give Them A Reason”

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