Ultra-swaggy, too-cool-for school, I do what I want- Justin Bieber had what any one of us regular folk would deem as a tight fourth of July. He partied it up on a yacht for the celebratory bash with his tight friends and probably all the liquor and other “extra adult curricula’s” you could think of. His partying however, was preceded by an intrusive, disruptive exchange with the paparazzi. Normal, but is it called for? reports that Justin said to one female photog “This is so ridiculous. Look what happens in my life.”

He was referencing a scuffle his body guards had with one other aggressive photog moments before. Later, when the coast was clear, he exited the SUV and headed on to the luxurious yacht and carried on with his evening.

Now, many would probably judge this and say he needs to get over himself and chill out, “you’re rich and famous bro get over it!”

But, there’s something to be said about one being so rich and famous that even money couldn’t buy them peace of mind or exclusivity from the foolishness. So, can you empathize with Bieber or nah? Let us know your thoughts in poll.

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