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What’s up! It’s @WhosYourDiamond and I literally just finished watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I wasn’t that impressed. I really loved the first one in how it diversified itself from the original trilogy (which starred Tobey Maguire). This time around, it seemed as though the producers/director toyed with the idea of inserting more comedic moments; utter fail! When I’m watching a superhero movie, I don’t want to be showered with bad jokes and predictable catch phrases; I want to be fully enthralled in action and sitting on the edge of my seat in suspense. You would think the breakout character would be Spider-Man himself…well, not this time! My pick for best performance goes to Jamie Foxx as “Max/Electro.” Foxx gave a performance that would knock the lights out of the entire Times Square in New York City…literally! It’s no surprise that Jamie Foxx stole the shine in this film; he’s a multi-talented brother who never falls short of entertaining audiences. Bravo!


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