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Milby High School (HISD)

(HOUSTON) — The Houston Independent School District has not made a decision on where Milby High School students will attend class during a two-year renovation scheduled to begin this fall, but the Twitter rumors are flying.

HISD confirms that one proposal is for 10th through 12th grade students to go to Jones High School and for incoming ninth graders to go to Attucks Middle School.

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That plan is drawing the ire of some students, parents and staff on social media under the hashtag #SayNoToJones.

Sandra Barron, 17, is one student who opposes the plan. Barron says she is in a magnet cosmetology program and fears it won’t be available at Jones.

There is no word yet on when a decision will be made by HISD. All students, no matter where they end up, will still be considered Milby students.

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