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Guys, @jjonthemic here! I’ve gotta tell you what happened to me the other day!

So, I’m leaving my house, backing down the driveway and out of nowhere my handsome male neighbor rolls his window down, stops me and says in his english accent “Hello”…. ahhhh how sweet the sound… Okay, so then he goes on to tell me “your headlight is out”. OMG hearts start to fly and visions of my knight in shining armor riding in on a horse with my replacement headlight start to flash before my eyes. Eventually, I snapped out of it and said “oh, thanks”!

The rest of the car ride I’m left to thinking to myself hmmmm…I like this guy and wouldn’t mind approaching him, but what do I say? So, ladies I did a little research on how we can make that approach! offers some great tips and encouragement Don’t be Scurred, read them below!

1.Simply Smile, Make Eye Contact…and/or Say Hello- This gesture gives off good vibes and signals to the guy you are approachable and friendly.

2. Compliment Him- a genuine compliment will be appreciated, be specific when offering the compliment and if the attraction is mutual he may shoot some back in your direction. 

3. Ask for the Time…or Directions- you know men like to be helpful and like to feel needed. If he’s diggin’ you he may offer to walk you to your destination and/or give you detailed directions allowing time to get a little friendly convo.

4. Ask Him About The Game- a man LOVES his sports, so as to not be distracting you can cease the right moment to throw a little chit chat in about the game and not something silly ladies like the score. And this would be most fitting at a sports bar/restaurant preferably not amongst a bunch of his friends.

5. Send Him a Drink- This may go against what you’re used to, but to get a different outcome you have to try a little something different. If he’s a gentleman, which you want, he’ll come over and that’ll allow you to introduce yourself to him. Hint: this isn’t the place you clam up! Hehe! 

6.Ask Friends to Introduce You- you know how men have their wolf pack and in that wolf pack is their right hand man, you can have your right hand woman to get the 411 on the man to  check his status and segue him over.

I hope this was of some help to all my single ladies out there looking for love!

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