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Pharrell Top 10 Songs

In 2013 Pharrell Williams had one of the best years of any artist thanks to the ubiquitous hits “Happy,” “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky,” so it’s the perfect time for him to serve up a new album full of music. The multi hyphenate has announced that his next solo album “GIRLS” will be released this spring, so we felt it was appropriate to round up some of our favorite Pharrell songs dedicated to the fairer sex. No Lena Dunhams were harmed in the creation of this list.

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10) “Everybody Nose” (From N.E.R.D, “Seeing Sounds”) 2008

This tongue-in-cheek ode to the girls who indulge in the “gutter glitter” features a karaoke-friendly hook tailor made for listeners who have no idea what the song is really about. “All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom…”

9) “Run To The Sun” (From N.E.R.D, “In Search Of”) 2002

Pharrell puts on his Jamiroquai hat here (see what I did there?) to anchor this sentimental wish to run for the border of this galaxy and give her some of his big dipper.

“While you’re here I wanna tell you something, I love you girl. I wish we could run to the sun and never come back…”

8) “I Still Love You” 702 F/ Pharrell

While Pharrell only lends the beat and hook to this single I challenge anyone to name another track from this third album by the Vegas trio without using Google. Furthermore, we guarantee this hook will be ringing in your head long after you press play.

7) “Stay Together” (N.E.R.D. “In Search Of” ) 2002

Here Pharrell tries to repair a severed connection and get a lost love to reconsider cutting him loose as he sings “When God created human beings he didn’t think of bombs and things…” before the anvil drops on his emotions and he rants, “what the f*ck just happened??”

6) “The Way She Dances” (N.E.R.D “Fly or Die”) 2004

On this plucky acid trip Pharrell pulls out his money clip to serenade his private dancer. With cheesy lines like “Are you a mermaid or something…big tits, fat ass and turquoise skin” you can only fault him for being way too honest in his thirst.

5) “Yeah You” (N.E.R.D “Seeing Sounds”) 2008

Pharrell hates as hard as he loves and this aural middle finger is the musical equivalent of a subtweet with its taunting hook, “I bet you hear this song and wonder who I’m talking about…you”  When it’s over, it’s over…

4) “You Know What” (“N.E.R.D. “Seeing Sounds”) 2008

Don’t let the upbeat tempo fool you, this is one of the most honest songs about f*ckin up a friendship with sex ever written. Pharrell tip-toes that line between love and hate like he’s taking a roadside sobriety test and sticks the landing with lines like, “I don’t wanna say it again, but fuck it we’re just friends, so where’s my clothes…”

3) “She Wants To Move” (N.E.R.D. “Fly Or Die”) 2004

To all of the wallflowers who insist on handcuffing their girls in the club this song is for you: ”Hey Mr, look at you girl…she loves it…I can see it in her eyes.”  And in case he didn’t make his case alone, he went and got Q-Tip, Mos Def, Common and Posdnous on the “de la or gee 2000″ style remix.

2) “Beautiful” Snoop F/ Pharrell and Charlie Wilson (2003)

While this is Snoop’s song featuring Skateboard P and the legendary Charlie Wilson, this is Pharrell’s song as much as  B.O.B’s “Nothing On You” is really the property of Bruno Mars.

1) “Frontin” featuring Jay Z (The Neptunes Present…Clones) (2003)

Pharrell’s first still remains one of his best as his shy guy confessions wrapped in a neo-falsetto sent this one scampering up the charts.


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