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We’ve learned via that r&b singer and actor Tyrese Gibson has run into a little baby-mama drama with co-parent Norma Gibson. Tyrese visited the mother’s home in attempts to pick up his six year old daughter, Shayla Gibson per his court-ordered visitation rights. Unfortunately, Norma refused visitation claiming the baby girl was sick.

The cops were called by the mother Norma, who didn’t feel it was required by the court order to hand over the kid. Both Tyrese, and LAPD arrived to the home & the cops reviewed said documents and conversed with Tyrese. This resulted in no further actions being taken on behalf of LAPD and Tyrese left the home without his daughter. He apparently is not too happy about this because he is looking to take Norma Gibson to court today and hopes she receives consequence for for violating the child custody order.

I personally, am running hot on this topic. What’s upsetting to me is that as a fellow baby mama I understand the difficulty that lies in having a father be participatory in his child’s life. Its really a shame that she would prohibit Tyrese from getting his daughter for his visitation. That quality time is so crucial, that even if the little girl may have been sick its not  beyond reason to just pack up the medication(s) and give instruction for dosage so they could have their time together.

And what would be more sad is if the baby wasn’t sick at all and that she may just be upset with Tyrese. Not cool girl! No mother, regardless of her personal bias against the man should selfishly come between him and the child. That’s just creating undue consequence for the kid.

Let’s keep it gucci ladies and maintain the kids as a priority they deserve the best from us!

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