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As women, we reserve the right to do what makes us look and feel good! Right?  Butt… I mean, but, when will the obsession to look like something we’re not subside?

Surgeries and implants are easily accessible, and these days it makes it possible to essentially change every natural thing on the body. There have been some horrifying reports of implants, injections and surgeries going awfully wrong. What’s you’re feeling about augmentations and surgeries?

Songstress Aubrey O’Day of Danity Kane seems to have faired out well though. We may be wrong here but, from what we see all she wanted for her birthday was a big booty! There’s not been any confirmation from her on her ‘new look” regarding her ‘new toosh’. Check it out for your self and see what you think…


Aubrey had us rollin’ when she captioned her photo top left: “Took my fake a** out for some sun today @TMZ :)

Hahahahaha! Aubrey got jokes! We don’t know if that was admittance or a sarcastic remark. Nonetheless, that girl is funny! Go head girl.

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