At first I thought this idea was stupid…but it actually turned out brilliant! Danity Kane’s new video “Rhythm of Love” makes me forget that DK3’s not even present in it, because it’s so attention-grabbing. It focuses on men singing girly songs and embarrassing themselves just to get the women of their dreams. Watch how cute it […]

Danity Kane reuinted after they called it quits…but now…they’re broken up again! (I know…it’s confusing). It’s so ironic how DK just so happened to be splitting up just before their new album drops. I think it’s a publicity stunt but whether it is or not, their new music has been reeeeeally good. It lives up to their […]

Danity Kane‘s one of the first girl groups to make surface this year…and I like the sound of that! DK’s back without Diddy and D. Woods. But, it looks like they might not need them. Listen to BYE BABY and tell me what you think!

As women, we reserve the right to do what makes us look and feel good! Right?  Butt… I mean, but, when will the obsession to look like something we’re not subside? Surgeries and implants are easily accessible, and these days it makes it possible to essentially change every natural thing on the body. There have […]

Aubrey O’ Day revealed (again) that none of the former Danity Kane members talk to Dawn Richard anymore, despite their attempts to reach out to her. (Really, girls? Still?) She also addressed the rumors (again) that her and Diddy were in a relationship, but she throws some good shade at her former boss this time […]

Tonight our girl DJ Eque will be on a TV near you! The new reality show All About Aubrey is premiering TONIGHT on Oxygen at 10 pm! Eque is one of Aubrey’s besties and will be on the show every week. Check your local listing for the channel and tune in!! We’ll be talking about […]