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The annual office party is coming up!  Here are some tips to help you.


  • Attend the party, the boss is throwing it.  Don’t disrespect him/her by not showing up.
  • Network, talk with people you may not normally get to speak with.
  • Play the games or participate in the raffle.  You could go home with a nice early Christmas gift.


  • Don’t dress like you are going out to a club.  This is still a WORK event and you will be interacting with your co-workers, including your boss.
  • Don’t talk shop.  This is a PARTY.  Keep the conversation light and merry.
  • Don’t get loaded on drinks.  You don’t want to be THAT guy/girl at the party.  They will talk about you the next day.
  • Don’t bring a plus one, unless you are told its okay.  Some office parties are just for the employees.
  • Don’t hookup with a co-worker.  Pretty self explanatory.

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