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Hear me out on this.  First, some background.  Ugg boots or Uggs are an Australia and New Zealand unisex style sheepskin boot.  It’s usually made of twin-faced sheepskin with fleece on the inside, a tanned outer surface and a synthetic sole.  I also understand in Australia it was supposed to be practical footwear worn for warmth.

The fashion trend started to grow more sometime in the 90’s but really got huge in the 2000’s.  But mostly among the ladies.

Now, understand I started this with a little research that says the shoes are unisex but….I can’t see myself wearing Uggs….Ugh!

Which brings to my question, can/should a man wear Uggs?  I mean, I’ve seen one guy wear them where I workout at but he lived in Cali for awhile.   Now, I did enough research to know that surfers that went to Australia in the 70’s for surfer competitions brought the style back.  So, I gave him the Cali pass since he was out there and a surfer.

True, I’m a Jordan sneaker, air-force one kinda guy still and if it gets cold enough…I’m going with my Timberlands.  But Uggs…I can’t see it.  So maybe for that fact only…I can’t even speak on this.

If you an Ugg wearing guy…do you.

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