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Generally, I’d be the first to say let bygones be bygones but in being in the holiday spirit, shouldn’t the usual limitations be lifted to someone you once dated?

Some might feel that Christmas and New Years is the most dangerous time of year in terms of trying not to text your ex.  You both shared so many memories…bad and good.  So a simple “Happy Holidays” is it really so bad?

You remember spending time with his or her family, the holiday food, the holiday travel trips you took together and even the holiday aggravations between you two.

But that still brings me back to the question, do you text your “Ex” for the holidays?

Some might say stay busy so you don’t get overwhelmed by those thoughts, don’t drink, don’t listen to music that reminds you of your ex and don’t hang out in places that remind you of that ex.  But it’s just a friendly text, right?

It’s the holidays, isn’t it just a common courtesy? Who am I to tell you, you decide.

Oh, remember you made them an “Ex” for a reason.

Happy Holidays to all my “Ex’s” (Lol)no, for real though.


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