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We all understand that death is an inevitable part of life. In understanding that no one lives forever people usually draw up a will that includes how they want their assets divided and any of their final wishes. It seems though that some people have some ‘extra‘ requests for their final day.

Former President George Washington apparently was deathly afraid of being buried alive. So, understandably he made a request. He asked that his body be left out for three days…just to make sure he was dead.

‘I am very ill.’ To Dr. Craik, his earliest companion-in-arms, longest tried and bosom friend, he observed, ‘I am dying, sir – but am not afraid to die.’ To Mrs. Washington he said, ‘Go to my desk, and in the private drawer you will find two papers – bring them to me.’ They were brought. He continued -‘These are my Wills -preserve this one and burn the other,’ which was accordingly done. Calling to Colonel Lear, he directed – ‘Let my corpse be kept for the usual period of three days.’

I don’t know how often they were accidentally burying people alive but nonetheless he wasn’t going to take any chances.

Now just where are you supposed to set a dead body out for three days? Random, we know just wanted to share.

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