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Good day in the morning. Jill Scott has given her fans/stans/digital stalkers 4:07 of life in the new video for The Robert Glasper Experiment’s “Calls,” from the upcoming “Black Radio 2″ compilation.

“We shot it in L.A. It’s more out of the box. It’s not your standard, obvious ‘neo-soul’ type video,” Glasper told “We’re not on the phone in the video.”

Instead the clip finds Jill stopped on a dark street after her Cadillac reaches a four-way stop light that won’t change. A wolf (which must represent all the thirsty mens like us) begins tracking her down as she shows mannequins in a mall what a real woman’s body looks like.

While Jill’s whip is unattended, three miscreants who look like they just left the Riot Music festival, break into her glove compartment  to steal her Sudafed tablets and run off to go make meth. 

Robert Glasper comes to the rescue in a fly fedora and gets the red lights to turn green and they cruise off into the night. Did we mention that Jill is in the video? Ok. Get to clicking.

“Black Radio 2″ will be in stores this fall on Blue Note Records.



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