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All my women who independent throw ya hands up at meh! I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T what ya know bout me?

Ladies, we have all the right to be proud of being self-sufficient, non-dependent and fabulous because we have our own cars, our own homes and our own jobs. Some ladies are so used to getting what they want the way they want it that they are willing to continue breaking traditions and older norms.

Some ladies are going as far as to say that they’ll BUY THEIR OWN  when the question was posed, “Would you buy your own ring?”

Seriously though? They say this is the best way to ensure they get exactly what they like. “I can get the cut, size and clarity I want and that I think I deserve.”

Other women say “I’m not buying my own ring, that defeats the whole purpose.” “He should take the initiative and present me the ring, that’s not a tradition I believe in breaking”.

Men who were surveyed had differing opinions. Some guys shared that “she can do as she pleases, if she wants to buy her own bling have at it”.  Other men  had more of a traditionalistic attitude and claim “It’s only right that I would buy my woman’s ring.” “The ring is a gift to be given to her not purchased by her.”

We want to hear from you ladies and gentlemen.


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