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People are crazy. They will go to extreme lengths to hurt those they feel have wronged them in their lives. A man in Redmond, Washington is currently behind bars after trying to kill his four-year-old son by injecting him with heroin. This is said to have been done in a revenge attemept against the man’s ex-wife because the divorce was to be finalized.

The soon-to-be-ex-wife of 37-year-old Eric Emil Lehtinen went to the homer of her ex-husband to pick their son. When she arrived to the home, she discovered Lehtinen and their son unresponsive. Once she puled back a blanket that was covering the little boy, the mother was greeted by a horrific scene. She saw a syringe filled with drugs on the little boy’s chest. The mother called emergency and first responders tried to resussitate the young boy and his father, but both were unresponsive. Both were taken to near by hospitals.

Lehtinen, a described drug addict and dealer, has recovered and has been placed in jail. He was charged with first degree attempted murder. Prosecutors argued that his bail should be set at $3 million. Prosecution says Eric Lehtinen is a “man who is willing to inject his 4-year-old son with heroin in an attempt to kill the boy” which would make him ““dangerous man willing to do anything.”

The four-year-old is recovering at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Staff at the hospital say when the child was admitted, they noticed puncture wounds on his neck and buttocks. It was also discovered that the young boy had ketamine, morphine, codeine, and other drugs in his system besides heroin. It’s still uncertain if the child will have to deal with long-term effects from his father’s horrific actions.



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