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Ciao Bella, @inewborn here checking in from glamorous Milan, Italy and Fashion Week. Before now, only my closest friends were able to enjoy tales of my escapades around the world. This week, you are right here with me. Well, right after a quick nap–eight hours on a plane can be heavy. A rejuvenating five hours later, our night began and lasted well into the morning. From meeting Turkish business men at lunch, to drinks and dancing with fashion industry heavy weights–our first 24 hours in Milan proved to be very full; even if we only lasted half the day.

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8:50am –

Just landed… All I need now is a hot shower. I was pleasantly surprised by United Airlines, we had a great flight. We must have been on a newer plane; I definitely don’t remember the seats being so large or so nice. Way to upgrade.

9:30am –

Bags in tow, and we’ve linked up with Uber. We’re headed to the heart of the city.

People fall in love with Europe because of its charm. Having spent time in other major European cities, I appreciate the blend between old world and new architecture.

– A small church in the middle of downtown.

– The details on a building’s facade.

I’m excited about getting lost in the beauty of Milan, and there’s so much more to see.

10:15am –

We arrive at our destination. The posh apartment/bachelor pad of your host, Andrea. The VIEW is sick!! And the space is so chic… The rolling racks in the guest bedroom are a sure sign he works in the fashion industry. Who else but a designer or stylist would be so prepared for their guests? Did I mention he’s single and very straight?

12noon –


1:11pm –

Found: Martini Restaurant

Brilliantly tucked away behind Dolce & Gabbana, the Martini Restaurant is a perfect location for lunch in Milan. A quaint place to see and be seen by some of the fashion industry’s elite. The entry into the restaurant is like a runway! A table of Turkish business men are distracted by Tasha. I think its her hair cut. They invite her over to their table and talk her ear off until our food comes.

While we planned to make it through the day, the harsh realization that we would only be able to hold our eyes open long enough to get through lunch set in. Oh jet-lag… With two parties tonight, an afternoon siesta is definitely in order.

2:30pm –

We make it back to the apartment and my bed is calling my name… Just a quick nap…

7pm –

4 and a half hours later!

Good thing the party is coming to us…. Andrea is hosting a party for all his friends in town. Only 50 people…. When we wake up, the apartment has been transformed. DJ booth set up in the sun room, bar set on the terrance, candles everywhere.

We get ready for the night, as Andrea keeps reminding us we’ll be hitting the club after the party. He’s very excited.

8:30pm –Guests start arriving

Every type of person is in attendance. Models, fashion designers, art dealers, lawyers and architects. My favorite party guest, Paulo, architect from Torino. He gets so caught up in our broken conversation, sometimes he forgets I don’t fully understand Italian. He does understand the list of must see spots my brother, another architect, has given me and promises to accompany Tasha and I on an adventure before the weekend is over.

12midnight –

Between the champagne and dancing, the party is HOT. Time to change locations.

12:45am –

We arrive… and the club is called The Club… We laugh and follow our party through the private entrance. More champagne, more dancing, more models, more fashion. Europe knows how to party….

3:30am –

Sore feet and heavy eyes, time for bed…

Ciao Milano!


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